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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Victoria Park Garden ,Video, Bhavnagar,India

                                   The Victoria Park, spanning a total area of 500 acres, is a forest conserved by the Indian Government within the boundary of the Bhavnagar city. Gaurishankar Lake lies the well-conserved Victoria Park. Sprawling over two sq km, Victoria Park was designed in the year 1888 by Mr. Proctor Sins for Maharaja Takhtasinhji of the Bhavnagar city.

 Victoria Park Garden 

                                Here, bright flora, birds, butterflies and elusive fox population greets everyone. Trek through the lush green forest and if lucky, here one can spot birds like Bulbuls, Green Bee-Eaters, Robins, Tailorbirds, Silverbills, Peacocks, Sunbirds, Spotted Owlets, Shikra, Rose-Ringed Parakeets, Common Peafowl, and animals like Nilgais, Foxes, etc.
                                 The biggest species found in this park are Leguminoceae and Poaceae. There are 223 bird species, 15 mammalian species and 20 reptile species. Inside the park, there are some nurseries where one can see some unique variety of plants.
There are two water bodies inside — Gaurishankar lake and Krishna Kunj lake (remains dry most of the time), where a large number of migratory birds nest regularly. Recently, a picnic site is developed inside the core area of the park with many benches, picnic tables, and concrete block pavements. Multiple types of accommodations are available nearby the park for tourists.
                                The park is open throughout the day however, early morning is the best and perfect time to visit this place. There is no entry fee to the park. If you are
lucky enough, then you might get to have a close view of a scampering fox and Nilgais.
                               You can explore the entire park without worrying to get lost as the park isn't so huge. The panoramic view of the park can be seen from the watchtowers also known as machans. You can also buy few plants for yourself from the nurseries located in the park.


Open $ Closing Time  :    6;00 AM,  To  6;00 PM
Address                       :     MK Dharmakumar Sinhji Rd, 
                                                              Bhavnagar, Gujarat 364002

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